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After retiring from 27 years of public service as a Firefighter, EMT, Fire Inspector, Public Educator, Fire Investigator, and most recently Administration employee from the City of Kingsport, a career preceded by a hitch in the U.S. Army reserve, and strong encouragement from my beautiful wife and many community members, continuing public service as a Kingsport Alderman seems natural.

Originally from Bristol, Tennessee and having grown up in Southwest Virginia these mountains that surround us and the rivers that flow through them have always been my home. My wife and I have five children collectively and two grandchildren and another on the way. I am well-traveled throughout the United States and several other countries. I have enjoyed the privilege of education and accumulating several degrees. A couple of lifelong passions have always shown through various positions held over the course of my career. One is being a field naturalist finding awe in all of creation and the other is being a servant leader at local, state, national, and international levels. I have enjoyed being elected many times by trusting majorities depending on leadership that delivers benefits for the good of the whole. If you know me, you know me as a public servant and that is what I know how to do.

As an Alderman, my primary focus will be on attracting people, jobs, destination events, and tourism revenue to Kingsport as result of outdoor recreational opportunities, natural resource promotion, and livability amenities as I consider these to be our strongest, although least promoted, assets. This strategy will result in strong local economic impact and reflects a continuation of my effort as a city administrator where I invited, hosted, and collaboratively landed a vibrant brewery and tap room, outdoor recreation business, and events with direct positive impacts in our local Kingsport economy.

Another primary focus of mine is to continue building existing and new relationships with the underserved citizens in our city. From the homeless people in our community to the low-income neighborhoods, minorities, and certainly veterans which are probably our best example of civic duty leadership. I will continue to work with outside agencies bringing multi-million dollar projects to Kingsport, as well as, neighborhood scale projects that enrich the lives of Kingsport residents.

In addition, sustainable decision making and funding will be represented as a major consideration and overlay filter for progress, as will, enhanced and increased public communication on major projects, should I be elected as your Alderman.